Guest information cards include all the details that you can’t fit onto your invitations. They help you avoid cluttering up and spoiling your invites. They should contain your most important wedding details, preventing guests asking lots of questions on the day! But you don’t have to include everything. Here are the most popular things that couples choose to include.


You may have already included your venue on your invites. However, you may want to tell guests more about the venue or how to get there, particularly if it is in a remote location. Perhaps add a phone number for the venue in case guests do get lost.

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Transport Information

If you choose to provide the transport between venues for your big day, let guests know so that they can plan accordingly. You can also inform them of the parking details if they are planning to drive. Local taxi numbers for those who want to drink at the reception are also good to have, as well as train stations or bus routes for non-drivers.

Destination wedding cards should contain information about flights, including the local airport and how to get to the venue from there.


If you are having a hotel reception and have negotiated a guest rate for rooms, you can tell guests how to book this option. You may also want to include the names and details of other local establishments to help them out, including hotels with different price points.

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Dress Code

Having a specific dress code? Telling people on your guest information cards means they are less likely to forget! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, such as a festival or woodland venue, telling guests to bring appropriate footwear is also a good idea.


If your wedding is adults-only, it’s best to inform guests here to prevent people getting offended. This will also mean that guests have enough time to arrange a babysitter. However, if children are going to be at your wedding, your guest information cards are a great place to inform guests about special arrangements, such as high chairs.

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Rules of the Day

Inform your guests about any specific rules you want at your wedding, such as “no mobile phones”, so that they know these guidelines are for everyone. Another example may be rules regarding social media posting, as some guests may not like to have photos of themselves or their children posted online. Stating your rules using this more formal request means that guests are more likely to take them seriously.


While you don’t need to include all the details of the day, a few key times could be useful for guests. This is especially useful if there is going to be a gap before the evening reception begins. Some common timings to include are ceremony, meal, and speech times.

You may also want to include details of other events that you’re hosting, such as a meal on the night before the big day. Including these details here means that you don’t risk certain guests feeling excluded or confused surrounding the events.


You may want to tell guests about the wedding food if you haven’t put this on your RSVP cards. This is useful for guests with specific dietary requirements, too. You should include any allergen warnings on your menu so that guests are aware.

You could also include information about the bar, including whether it is a cash bar, an open bar, or a bar that accepts cards. This means that guests will be prepared and won’t be disappointed by a bar that they didn’t expect.

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Song Requests

If you haven’t included song requests on your RSVP cards, you could ask your guests what their favourite dance songs are here so that you can get them on the dance floor!


Your guest information card makes a great place to write what wedding gifts you would like to receive. You can include details of your gift registry if you have one. If you are looking for a polite way to ask for money, why not try a gift poem card instead?

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Wedding Website

If you have made a wedding website, your guest information cards make a great place to share this link! Your website is perfect for including smaller, less important details that you can’t fit onto your cards.

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